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1 Year free membership for all STIKKER customers!

If you have you been a STIKKER member in the past you can get a free redDog membership until august 1, 2007 (normal price Euro 9,95). The only thing you have to do is to
- Create a free redDog account
- Register your STIKKER products once again in your redDog account (if you don't, you will not be able to receive any finder alerts!).
Around July 2007 you will automatically receive a message asking you to extend your membership.

Create a redDog member account

Enter your email address. redDog will then create a new member account for you and send you a 4-digit PIN by email. You can then log in to your redDog member account using your email address and PIN.

My email address:
My Phonenumber:

Extra service from redDog: You will be able to directly reiceive finder calls on your mobile phone (your phone number will not be shown to anyone) and you can also send redDog to pick up your belongings at the finder's. Furthermore, redDog works 24/7, worldwide.

Therefore, please fill out your e-mail address in the box above: redDog will send you your PIN code that enables you to log in directly to your own account. The next step is to re-register your STIKKER labels. Now your valuable belongings are protected again against loss and theft for a full year! Read more.

redDog info #1

Why create a redDog member account? In your redDog member account you can (i) enter contact details for use in a loss situation, (ii) activate owner ID's, (iii) review contact options with finders, (iv) order products in the redShop and (v) see when your membership expires.

redDog info #2

What is a PIN? A PIN is a 4-digit number that serves to protect your privacy and that ensures that only you have access to your account.

redDog info #3

Why send the PIN by e-mail? When your belongings have been found, redDog wants to alert you. And for your peace of mind, redDog wants to make absolutely sure that we have your contact details.